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SIGNED Original Fiction

SIGNED Ernest Zevon

This signed first edition paperback is £15 including UK postage. Please contact us about overseas postage.

Ernest Zevon is a London piano man and drug dealer. His life changes when a beautiful saxophonist befriends him in a Soho bar and they tour the country. When Jorja meets Ernest in a bar, he is playing his final show. He has problems with money, drugs and booze, and now his only job has ended. Jorja wants a singer to pair up with so that she can get back into the Soho music scene. But Ernest is a lone wolf. Jorja has her own problems, including her sister and sick son. The four of them make the unlikeliest road trip north to seek their fortunes and change their lives. What could possibly go wrong?

The Gun Slipped

In Spring 2021, Mad Dog Books will introduce a 1950s British gumshoe called Ted Bod. Working out of the port city of Kingstown, Ted is clever and scrawny, observant but small. He is incessantly put upon by Betty Abbett, his irrepressible boss at the private detective agency she started with her dead husband's money.

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We’re working with a professional maker in Amersham, Buckinghamshire to bring you these exclusive framed minifigs of Alec Guinness and George Smiley. They are priced at £19 including free UK postage. The BUY buttons will take you to PayPal to settle up.

(DIMENSIONS 12 cm x 12 cm x 3 cm)


What People Are Saying...

“Really interesting walk. Paul was so patient around the booking process and when we asked him tonnes of questions throughout the walk. He is clearly passionate about the topic and we all felt like we learned a lot in a really fun way.”

— Kunjal via Airbnb

“As a Londoner and espionage enthusiast, I found Paul's tour very illuminating and entertaining. It's full of great information, delivered in an easy style at a good pace. The locations are great and look forward to even more tour routes in the future.”

— Tom via Airbnb



We will be offering London walks for private groups after lockdown. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We have the following routes available:-

1. Cold War Mayfair
2. WW2 Baker Street
3. MI5 & MI6 by The Thames

Prices start at around £60 for a group of 4 people to £100 for a group of 10. We can add stops for cocktails as required!

Please contact us!


In making this a destination in its own right, it's only natural to accept that we can't please everyone all the time. If you still have an itch to scratch on the crime and spies front, take a look below at some of the magazines, publishers and others who inspired me along the way.

Copyright 2021 by P. C. DETTMANN.
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Copyright 2021 by P. C. DETTMANN.
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Self-Guided Walk: SPIES of MAYFAIR

If you are walking the route in person, we recommend you download the audio before you leave home. This is in case you cannot get fast internet access in London. You can also download the Google Map to the Google Maps app on your phone before leaving home: there is a way to pre-download a specific area for offline use. Please note that on the phone app, the route locations appear in the correct order. When viewed on a computer, I find the locations are out of sequence but at least show you where to walk.

To download the audio, look below at the audio player. Hit the “Download” button from your phone. You can then play the full audio through your phone’s audio player even without an internet connection. In case you also want to print something out to read as you walk, hit the button above. So you should now have three things: a route on Google Maps, a PDF for printing or reading offline, and an MP3 audio file for listening offline. You don’t need the PDF photo gallery if you are walking the route, but it can be handy to keep it after your walk as a souvenir! (The photo gallery is really for those at home not walking the route.)